Curriculum and Instruction

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The NAF curricula is created in partnership with industry professionals and designed around projects that help students make connections across subject areas, acquire valuable workplace skills, and see their education as a step toward long- term career options.

NAF provides a rigorous, industry-validated curriculum that features:  

  • Cutting-edge methods of increasing literacy using cross-disciplinary teaching strategies that weave career themes across core subjects such as math, English, and history.
  • Current industry standards and practices informed by industry experts, business partners, and local and national advisory board members representing each theme. 
  • An outline of objectives for each course that have been reviewed and validated by industry experts and an outstanding group of academy teachers. 

While NAF courses are considered “electives” by a school or district, they are required for students completing an academy program. Courses are divided into units, units are divided into projects and lessons, and each course typically lasts one semester.

NAF curriculum is available through the NAF website. It is password-protected and accessible only to NAF academies and academy teams engaged in their Year of Planning activities.

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In some cases, NAF reviews third party curriculum for consideration in place of or in addition to NAF curriculum.  Read NAF's policy for third party curriculum review and contact us if you are interested.